Oct 19, 2018

Brian’s Outreach: From Transformation to Revelation

Jaime Gomez Stories

“It’s a culture that I wasn’t really influenced in or knew before going because I’m from Canada and Korea and the South American culture isn’t something I’ve been exposed to, so it was cool seeing that.” For the outreach portion of DTS, each student is asked to pray about where they feel they’re supposed to go and write it down. After each student prays, the staff will look over what they wrote down and make the final decision. Brian was placed on the Panama/Chile team. …

Nov 30, 2016

Panama Drug Dealer Meets Jesus | YWAM DTS Outreach

Raymond Billy Stories, Training

BOCAS DEL TORO, Panama — Ironically, my personal highlight from discipleship school outreach came near the end when many of us were struggling to stay focused on ministry rather than looking ahead to what’s next. One of my classmates, Simen from Norway, and I had sailed to Bocas (an island town) aboard a small motorboat. We were there to fix a ceiling that was deteriorating inside a home for the elderly, but our outing took a very unexpected turn. As we started walking to the …

Jun 12, 2015

Kona Team Makes Inroads To Ngobes

Nick Cizej News, Uncategorized

How should a Discipleship Training School outreach team seek to reach the Ngobe Indians of Panama? Try being a good neighbor. That’s what members of the Panama outreach team from Port YWAM Kona discovered. The team — sent out by the winter Justice DTS — found that the Ngobe people respond to basic friendliness just like everyone else. Greg Murphy, of Washington state, said the Ngobe people expressed deep appreciate for his team’s ministry to them. “One of the personal highlights for me is when …