Dignity Restored

With a scarf covering one side of her face, and her eyes cast down, Hannah hesitantly approached Rhonda, a nurse practitioner.

After sitting down, Hannah pulled back the scarf to reveal a massive keloid scar on her earlobe. The scar tissue had built up after she had injured her ear over a year prior.

Hannah recounted to the translator, Susie,
that she was constantly stared at wherever she went and laughed at by children, Hannah’s embarrassment had forced her to cover her face. With the nearest hospital a seven hour drive away and lack of funds to get there, Hannah had simply resorted to hiding her face.

Rhonda immediately referred Hannah over
to Dr. Patrick, an experienced physician from Vunapope hospital in Kokopo, Papua New Guinea.

Dr Patrick examined Hannah’s ear and knew he could repair the damage. Dr. Patrick set up a make-shift operating theatre, and assisted by Dr. Jeremy, a dentist from Australia, set about removing the scar tissue mass. Dr. Patrick also reformed her earlobe.

While the procedure was relatively simple for the doctors, it would be a life changing one
for Hannah. A little over an hour and Hannah’s surgery was complete. She sat up from the surgical chair. A huge burden was lifted from her both physically and emotionally.

Hannah walked away from the YWAM clinic with her head held high and her eyes looking forward. The scarf she’d worn to cover her face now tucked inside her bag. No longer ashamed by her appearance, the simple surgery had restored her dignity!

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