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Study God's word in depth for 3 months in Beautiful Kona, Hawaii.
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Get tools to study and teach the Bible

Over 3 months students read through all 66 books of the Bible studying 15 books in depth. You will be taught and practice the inductive bible study method. So that upon completion of the course you will be able to form a solid biblical interpretation and then apply the Bible in context to your own life.

Big Picture

Understand and explain the overall story of the Bible: how God’s relationship with Israel and Jesus was His plan to reach and restore the world.


Discover the most authoritative interpretation of any portion of the Bible, in its literary and historical context, and to be confident that we are obtaining and applying biblical truths to our lives.


Learn how to share and teach those principles and truths in creative and authoritative ways that transform the hearts, and eventually the culture, of the people groups around the world.
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*The BCC meets the core course requirement of the University of the Nations Degree program.

School Details

The BCC has an optional outreach phase. During outreach students are able to proclaim the new knowledge and revelation that they have of the Bible to others; living out the Great Commission to teach new disciples to obey everything that Jesus has commanded us (Matthew 28:20)

Lecture Phase

Kona, Hawaii (1 mile from UofN).
12 weeks - BCC’s starting every September & April.
$3,995 - Includes Food, Accommodation, and Tuition.

*Outreach Phase

Papua New Guinea, Panama, Haiti, Cambodia, Mongolia, etc...*
* List not exclusive
8-12 Weeks - following your Lecture Phase.
$4,500-$5,500 - All Inclusive.
* Outreach is Optional

Our Focus

BCC is all about studying God’s word to establish a solid Biblical foundation for our lives. Staff walk with students through their study and pray with them as they experience transformation from encountering Biblical truth.

After completion of the 3 month lecture phase there is an optional outreach phase where students can share the deep revelation they have received from the Bible in a cross-cultural context.

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