Teachers' DTS

Reach and Teach

Our Vision

The Teachers DTS mobilizes educators to children and families whose lives can be changed by learning how to think biblically! Step out in your desire to educate others and help break the cycle of poverty one family at at time.

Our Focus

Your adventure begins with a three-month Lecture Phase at the Port YWAM Campus, located in the heart of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. World renowned speakers, along with devoted staff, will encourage and challenge you to experience the abundant life God has to offer.

Lecture Phase is more than just an education; it is a journey into the very heart of God, discovering His call for your life and how you can use your gifts, skills and education to bring transformation to the nations. Within a community dedicated to prayer, worship, and seeking God, we will challenge you to become the man or woman God desires you to be.
During this time, you will engage and learn about the following:

  • God's Nature and Character
  • God's Intention for Individuals, Peoples, and Creation
  • God's Redemption: Sin and the Cross
  • God's Family: His Children and His Church
  • God's World: His Call and His Commission
  • God's Truth: Biblical Worldview and Foundation

School Details

Come do your Discipleship Training School in the beautifully re-purposed hotel base of YWAM Ships Kona, Hawaii, and join one of our Ships or land locations for outreach!


  • Optional extended outreach (TBA)
  • Optional extended outreach (TBA)


  • Lecture Phase , includes food, accommodation, and tuition, but not airfare
  • Outreach Phase , depends on the destination


  • Paid application fee
  • Completed references
  • Completed health forms
  • Written approval by YWAM staff

Teachers' DTS

Reach And Teach