Apr 04, 2019

A New Ship

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On March 11, 2019, an amazing vessel was giftedby the owners and operators of Stoney Creek Shipping in Tauranga, New Zealand. This vessel is perfectly suited to serve the isolated islands of the Pacific and was in operation until December 2018 serving Pitcairn Island and surrounding locations under contract to the British Government. Stoney Creek Shipping Ltd has been most generous with the donation of the ship, including fuel in her tanks at the time of transition. This vessel opens a new season for New …

Sep 15, 2018

Equipping those He calls . . .

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But who are you, O man, to answer back to God? Will what is molded say to its molder, “Why have you made me like this”? Romans 9:20 Before we felt God calling us to go into missions, I always felt like I didn’t have many skills to offer. I felt extremely inadequate and I would look at many of the ladies at church that led different programs and wished I had what they possessed.  I always heard the line “God doesn’t call the equipped, He …

Jul 17, 2018

Our Ships in Papua New Guinea

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Last week in Lae, Papua New Guinea, history was made. We retired the m/v PACIFIC LINK after an amazing 25 year run in YWAM. She started in Tauranga, New Zealand, then Townsville, Australia and finally Kona, Hawaii. What a strong steel lady she was. She has many great and beautiful stories to tell. It was a bittersweet moment for the YWAM community as our beloved vessel was decommissioned. She will be missed. We also commissioned the m/v YWAM LIBERTY! A passing of the baton to …

Jun 11, 2018

Freedom, Reconciliation, and Forgiveness

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The University of the Nations Poipet is one of YWAM Ships Kona’s sister ministries. Their first Discipleship Training School (DTS) is reaching the end of their outreach. Here’s a snippet of what the team has been a part of: We are nearing the end of our first ever DTS! Our team is currently on outreach in Indonesia; moving from village to village preaching the gospel as they go. On Monday night, they were in a tiny one-lane village, sharing at an event put on by …

May 19, 2018

The Open Door

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Just yesterday I interviewed a Discipleship Training School student who had just returned from a 3 month outreach in Cambodia. He told me about a day they were walking in the slums, and a man came running at them fast and intense. They froze, took guard, thinking he was about to attack. To their surprise, the man called to them as he came closer, “Do you have a Bible? Do you have a Bible?” They expected antagonism, but instead found an intense hunger. The doors …

Jan 21, 2018

National Pride in their Games

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The 7th PNG Games were held in Kimbe, West New Britain, Papua New Guinea recently. Ellie and Ashley, nurses from England and Canada, respectively, were on hand as part of medical team from the local hospital to provide medical attention to all the athletes who had traveled from across PNG to attend the biggest sporting event in the country. With medics in attendance at all the events, Ellie and Ashley were primarily stationed at track and field. Other categories of competition included boxing, rugby, soccer, …

Sep 15, 2017

The Journey of Following God

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Sitting down to join my fellow ladies at the local coffee shop, the thought hit me, “I don’t want to work here.” OH NO.  I had just turned in an application to work at that local coffee shop and, shortly after, realized I actually don’t want to be employed there. Before applying, I felt God had opened the doors for me to work part time. Since I had just joined YWAM Ships Kona as a full-time volunteer staff months prior, I was pumped when the …

Aug 13, 2017

Sight for Agnes

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Sometimes serendipitous moments occur. Although the m/v PACIFIC LINK was scheduled to call into the Island of Bali, in the Province of West New Britain, rough seas diverted the ship to the coastal village of Sassavoru instead. This change in direction would prove to alter the life of one woman forever. Agnes had traveled from a smaller village to Sassavoru when she heard one of the YWAM Medical Ships was in the area. Screened by the ship’s eye surgeon on shore, the next Monday morning …

Jul 01, 2017

“I Never Wanted To Be A Preacher. I Didn’t Want To Be That Preacher Person.”

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Jacob Davis, a student currently finishing up the lecture phase of his YWAM Ships DTS, hails from Winfield Kansas. He grew up without a christian upbringing, which meant he knew right from wrong but not about God. Last year Jacob was in Teen Challenge, a faith-based facility that helps individuals of all ages overcome life-controlling problems and addictions. Coming out of that, Jacob knew he had a heart to serve people and help those in need. He just didn’t know what that would look like. …

Apr 02, 2017

I Was Searching For Joy

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Colby Bouma comes from a small Dutch town in Lynden, Washington. Growing up as a Christian was pretty easy for him. However, when he saw how his fellow Christians negatively treated him and others, he decided to walk away from his faith.    He signed up to be a volunteer with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Ships in Kona, Hawaii and needed a pastoral reference for one of the forms. One of his teachers at the Christian school he had attended, also happened to be a pastor. “He was …

Jul 29, 2016

News: Missionaries Strategize At Ships Conference

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TOWNSVILLE, Australia — Nearly 100 participants from Youth With A Mission and other ministries convened here in July for the Ship Equipped Ministry gathering. Those in attendance listened to and shared outreach stories, strategies and ideas in an effort to collate best practices, listen to one another and to God. The meeting served as a celebration of the growing fleet operated by YWAM staff worldwide. The mission now has two-dozen vessels on five continents and elders within the mission hope to expand that number to 40 across …

May 03, 2016 YWAM Ship Ruach

YWAM Ships Receives Third Vessel for PNG – s/y RUACH

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Today there has been yet another extraordinary act of generosity gifted to YWAM Ships Kona, this time from a Swiss organization. An incredible yacht having recently benefited from a refit valued at 4.5m Euros, has been given to work among the isolated islands of the Pacific. We are humbled by this trust and so pleased to make this announcement today. Here is a press release just sent out moments ago. Celebrate with us! Mr. Birenstihl we thank you, your family and board for this incredible gift to YWAM.   …

Apr 06, 2014

Special Delivery for a Chief

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March 16, 2014 On route from Christmas Island to the Marshall Islands, a 17 day trip, the s/y HAWAII ALOHA diverted course for a day to stop off at Washington Island (1200 inhabitants).  It was a special stop for a special reason.  As they anchored and pushed into shore riding their zodiac inflatable Katie carried a tiny package in hand for a chief. Katie and Scott Suderno with their two children Nick and Sydney met the chief and let him know that YWAM Ships had delivered …

Apr 05, 2014

President Loeak Welcomes YWAM Ships to the Marshall Islands

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April 4th, 2014 Majuro, Marshall Islands – President Chris Loeak along with his Finance, Health and Interior Ministers arrived on board Hawaii Aloha 6pm Saturday April 4th to welcome YWAM Ships Kona to his nation for the first time. Earlier in March he signed an official Invitation Protocol that cleared the way for YWAM to work here over the next 10 years.  He mentioned in his speech that our partnership is a significant step forward for those living in remote islands such as Lib and …