May 19, 2018

The Open Door

Jaime Gomez Stories

Just yesterday I interviewed a Discipleship Training School student who had just returned from a 3 month outreach in Cambodia. He told me about a day they were walking in the slums, and a man came running at them fast and intense. They froze, took guard, thinking he was about to attack. To their surprise, the man called to them as he came closer, “Do you have a Bible? Do you have a Bible?” They expected antagonism, but instead found an intense hunger. The doors …

Mar 12, 2017

I Refuse To Be A Prisoner Of My Past

Jaime Gomez Stories, Training

We each have a story. No matter where we’re from, or how old we are, we each have a past that has shaped who we have become. But why does it seem like no matter how hard we try to move on, to forget our past and simply move forward, it somehow still haunts us? Why do some things never seem to get resolved? Why do our hearts hold on to things we thought we’d long since forgotten? Just over a year ago I found …