Nov 26, 2018

Bursting Up Out of the Ground

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One of the best parts about living mission-minded is watching God “grow His garden”. He’s the one who has been cultivating the hidden, below ground work from the beginning and the best part is, He allows us to participate in the process.  Sometimes we are the sower; planting seeds and praying for them to sprout. Other times we are providing the support, the daily watering, and the right amount of sunshine and nutrients for growth. It’s a laborious process and often, we don’t see immediate …

Feb 25, 2017

What Am I Supposed To Do With My Life

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Junior college was something I did right after high school. Not because I wanted to, but because I didn’t know what else to do. I enjoyed the atmosphere of being in college but I wasn’t motivated to succeed. I didn’t know what to study so I enrolled in general education and would sometimes fail half the classes I signed up for. It ended up taking me twice as long to finish. The trouble was I didn’t have a desire for a degree and I had …