Sep 18, 2018

The Tale of the Tuna

Jaime Gomez News, Stories

Waking up early to watch the sunrise, I went to the outside deck. As I looked out upon the dark ocean that surrounded us, I could make out what looked to be an island not far off. As the sun began to rise, it became clear that we had arrived at Nissan Atoll in PNG. Now Nissan is kind of circular in shape with a lagoon in the middle with only two or three ways into it. Our goal was to make it into the …

Feb 26, 2018

Not Just Another Team Member

Jaime Gomez Stories

Most of us have probably heard the story of the man who was walking along the beach after a storm had washed up thousands of starfish. Left in the sun, the starfish were doomed. A bit further down the beach, the man spotted a young boy throwing the starfish back into the ocean one by one. The man approached the boy and remarked, “There’s so many here. You’re not going to make a difference.” The boy bent over, picked up another starfish, and turned to …

Dec 04, 2017

Medicine for Nason

Jaime Gomez Stories

From our home base on YWAM Ships Kona’s vessel the m/v Pacific Link, our team, consisting of four medical professionals, 13 DTS students, and a media team, had set up our mobile clinic for our first day of outreach. Our goal was to serve the needy of Kimbe, the largest of the many islands belonging to Papua New Guinea (PNG). People living in the impoverished or more remote areas on this island rarely, if ever, have medical care readily available to them. The location of …

Apr 20, 2017

YWAM Ships Kona Accredited by National Financial Accountability Organization

Jaime Gomez News

The ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) announced today the accreditation of YWAM Ships Kona of Kailua Kona, HI. ECFA accreditation is based on the ECFA Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship TM, including financial accountability, transparency, sound board governance and ethical fundraising. YWAM Ships Kona joins a growing number of Christ-centered churches and ministries across America, supported by over 27 million donors that have earned the right to display the ECFA seal. When an organization is accredited by ECFA, it demonstrates its willingness to follow …

Apr 19, 2017

YWAM Ships Kona to provide service to West New Britain

Jaime Gomez News

It’s exciting to read about how our partnerships are growing in Papua New Guinea. To read more about what Governor Muthuval had to say about YWAM Ships working in Papua New Guinea, click the link below for details: Here’s an amazing story about Abraham, a man with vision problems since 1999, getting his sight restored. Check out his story here: Have you read the story about 3 family members lives changed because there was a ship that brought medical care to them? Read their …

Mar 12, 2017

I Refuse To Be A Prisoner Of My Past

Jaime Gomez Stories, Training

We each have a story. No matter where we’re from, or how old we are, we each have a past that has shaped who we have become. But why does it seem like no matter how hard we try to move on, to forget our past and simply move forward, it somehow still haunts us? Why do some things never seem to get resolved? Why do our hearts hold on to things we thought we’d long since forgotten? Just over a year ago I found …

Oct 03, 2016

Features: Discipleship Students Aid Medical Outreaches

Nick Cizej Uncategorized

MATAFUM VILLAGE, Papua New Guinea — Under the cover of palm trees, locals here witnessed something most of them have likely never seen before: A surgery. Dr. Øystein Berg, an orthopedic surgeon from Norway, was mere meters away from the beach as he removed a cyst from the shoulder of a 17-year-old male. Berg excised the tissue as dozens of onlookers watched against the backdrop of the m/v PACIFIC LINK, a YWAM ship. The vessel had brought the doctor and a team of medical volunteers to Long Island, …

Apr 22, 2016

Grandma Bis Can Cook Again

brettcurtis Medical, News

Grandma Bis Can Cook Again! KARKAR ISLAND, Papua New Guinea – Mrs. Bis Taur, Bubu Meri (pidgin for Grandma), was struggling to carry out routine daily tasks. Aged 66, she was overcome by a chronic eye problem that had vexed her for four years. The problem, cataracts in both eyes, caused constant itching, wateriness and – most frustratingly – blurred vision. Whenever she tried to cook, the smoke from the flames caused severe irritation. After her condition became overwhelming, her husband lovingly took on the burden …