Dec 11, 2018

The Boy Without Speech

Jaime Gomez News

We just had our last day of medical clinics for the year this past Wednesday. We visited a small island off the coast of the Southern part of Bougainville island called Rantan. God could not have prepared a more lovely day for our clinics to end on. The island was small, lovely and peaceful with a total population of 80 people. As medical coordinator, I don’t always get time to just sit and engage with the children. Although, this particular day was running so smoothly …

May 16, 2017

Let The Little Children Come To Me – Cameroon Update

Jaime Gomez Stories, Training

Five year old Christina’s big black eyes looked up at me. There was a little fear there. She had not seen many people as white as me. Her short, tight braids were sticking straight out from her head, each one decorated with a colorful bead. She was wearing a dirty green uniform with dirty torn sneakers on her dirty feet. My team mate from Haiti, Nissi, had asked in French, “Mademoiselle, what is your name?” A brief flash of white teeth smiled out from behind …