Nov 11, 2018

The Worth of a Man’s Foot

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“The on-shore clinic was set up at a memorable location on the coast near Torokina, Bougainville, Papua New Guinea (PNG). Our local hosts had taken a tiny post, beam and palm-thatched hut owned by the Wesleyan Church and transformed it into a dental clinic for our medical team’s use.  We felt the otherworldly Spirit that had camped there for centuries as we were told that this “church” memorializes the location as the landing spot of the first missionaries to Bougainville. The story passed down through …

Mar 15, 2017

L’Astrolabe Is Set To Join YWAM Ships Fleet

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The future got significantly brighter today because of the acquisition of another ship, L’Astrolabe, and the fact that YWAM Norway has elected to join us collaboratively in our work. YWAM Norway will join YWAM Ships Kona with the vessel the m/v L’Astrolabe (read more about her new name here). This will be a tremendous boost to our ability to reach the 293 populated islands of Papua New Guinea with God’s love, and mark the beginning of a new season as we build strength together along …

Mar 09, 2017 l'Astrolabe

Partner With Us

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Here at YWAM Ships Kona we have some incredibly exciting news! We can hardly believe what has been unfolding over the last few weeks. We are all pleased to announce that we have been gifted an amazing vessel to join our fleet of medical ships! P&O Maritime reached out to our partner base YWAM Medical Ships Townsville and alerted them to the fact that the L’Astrolabe, a scientific research and supply vessel, was being retired. The Townsville team met and secured the vessel, and in a beautiful act …

Feb 24, 2016

Gas Her Up!

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We are off to a remarkable start in Papua New Guinea having served now in Madang, the nearest launching point to many isolated islands, and on Karkar Island. We are currently on Bagabag Island, a location where no known medical or dental teams have been in decades according to Dr Vincent Atua from the Madang hospital. For those of us in Kona and Orange County communicating, sending containers of supplies, training and recruiting volunteers to crew the ship, we can’t wait to receive each report …

Jun 15, 2015

Hands of Hope Medical Partnership

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By: Raymond Billy YWAM Ships Kona has entered into a medical partnership with Hands of Hope NorthWest, a non-profit mercy ministry in Nampa, Idaho. Hands of Hope’s mission is to “facilitate the movement of donated medical supplies and equipment to those in need,” according to the organization’s website. It will help YWAM Ships procure medical supplies for health-care outreaches to Papua New Guinea, the Marshall Islands and Panama. Only about 40 percent of PNG health-care centers have electricity or adequate medical supplies, according to the …

Mar 14, 2015

Team Needed Now On Pacific Link In Townsville

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Between now and September we will be getting the m/v PACIFIC LINK ready for deployment from Townsville, Australia.  She will be commissioned at the YWAM Global Gathering September 14-16, 2015. We would like to get a team of 6-8 on board now. If you are available to volunteer, anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months, please let us know by clicking the volunteer button below. Interested in knowing more? Contact us. We’d love to chat!

Mar 07, 2015

YWAM Australia Gifts Pacific Link

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YWAM Medical Ships Australia announced today that the MV Pacific Link, the Townsville-based training and medical ship that has served Papua New Guinea since 2010 is being gifted to YWAM Ships Kona to provide further services in the Pacific. Ken Mulligan, Director of YWAM Medical Ships Australia, said he was incredibly humbled by these events and very thankful that the Pacific Link could be gifted at such an important time of need. “We’ve been considering what to do with the m/v PACIFIC LINK since the acquisition of our …

Jan 10, 2015

Hawaii Aloha Off The Beach

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Hawaii Aloha came ashore right here in the early hours of January 3rd 2015 after being rolled in large seas.  All but one crew made it safely ashore.  She was searched thoroughly for seaman Aaron Bremner to no avail, with coast guard and Fire and Rescue searching diligently along the Kona coast for 4 days before calling off the search.  Now just seven days after the tragic event, Hawaii Aloha is no more.  She has been completely removed from the beach and now lies in a …

Jan 10, 2015

Clean Up

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  How can I help?   On the Big Island of Hawaii just north of Kona is an amazing pristine coastline.  These are the shores that Hawaii Aloha came to her final resting place.  Our main concern during the initial days was to locate Aaron, however after we were unsuccessful our attention shifted to salvaging Hawaii Aloha. The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) took over the salvage operations and are removing Hawaii Aloha from the beach. Batteries and fuel were removed first, then began the work of dismantling the …

Jan 08, 2015

Goodbye Aaron

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We have been so moved by spending time at the YWAM Ships Kona campus this past week and learning about the tremendous outreach sailing program that captivated Aaron’s life. YWAM Ships Kona was the way Aaron chose to live out his passion and life’s mission of loving God’s people all around the world. We would be honored to see his passion continue through the program he believed in by requesting an Aaron Bremner memorial fund be set up for the purpose of replacing the Hawaii …

May 09, 2014

Immunizations for EVERYONE on Lib Island.

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Lib Island, an isolated remote place in the Marshall Islands For the first time in ten years a vessel with medical help has arrived in Lib Island which is in the Marshall Islands. 10 years ago the government’s ship, that used to frequent their outer islands, fell into disrepair and has not returned. The first thing we were asked to help with was to provide immunizations as no one on Lib Island has been inoculated for a decade. There are around 200 people living there. Pray for …

Feb 11, 2014

Current Medical Needs List

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Our Medical Needs List The details below are our current medical needs list.  Please let us know if you can either send gifts in kind or make a donation for us to purchase them. If you can donate click here. If you can arrange gifts in kind and ship the items to us please contact     Boxes Individual Further description 1ml Syringe 3     3ml Syringe 1     5ml Syringe 2     Ace bandage 2’   6   Alcohol prep pad …

Aug 21, 2013

Why Kona and Orange County?

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It is our goal to initially establish two operating locations for our ship equipped ministry. Strategically Kona first then OC. We are now operating Port YWAM – Kona a 78 room hotel facility since July 1, 2013. This location serves as home port for our vessels.  It is ideal given it’s close proximity to Micronesia (our target for outreaches) only 7 days sail southbound to be among the most remote islands on earth. YWAM Ships exists to reach the isolated and forgotten with God’s love!  Ships are the only way …

Jun 11, 2013

New Eyes on Extreme Isolation

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By Julie McLaughlin I remember at one point, saying to myself, “What on Earth am I doing?”  Jumping on a cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean to get to some of the World’s most isolated Islands may not be such a good idea.  Literally, if things were to go wrong, I could be stranded for 3 or maybe even 6 months, far away from civilization.  Worse, if I were to be injured or sick, maybe one of those tropical infections that I’ve gotten before, would …

Apr 13, 2013

The Effects of Extreme Isolation

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By Julie McLaughlin Report from Christmas Island. (7 days sail south from Kona, HI) One thing that hit me like a brick after talking to nurses here today, in addition to all the others experiencing problems with transportation, is the direct effect on access to medical care.  Not having ships is the single largest limitation for people receiving available treatment.  Every conversation I had with dentists, nurses, medical assistants, the TB nurse, the public health nurse, all of them explained the reason they cannot treat people is …

Mar 10, 2013

Micronesia Our Focus

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Micronesia YWAM Ships OC has committed to deploy both vessels the s/y EL ENCUENTRO and the s/y CARIBBEAN REACH into Micronesia over the next few years.  This region is clearly the most isolated area of the liquid continent and consequently the most impoverished.  The strategy is to forward position both vessels, & deploy University of the Nation’s teams on board for a month at a time throughout the year, targeting the most isolated. Teams are comprised of YWAM DTS field assignments along with specific skilled volunteers embedded …

Sep 24, 2012

Getting Ready For A Life At Sea

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Safety First Getting ready for life at sea, especially deep sea where you may go weeks at a time across oceans, means carrying proven safety equipment. It also means stocking up on spare parts and provisions. Many ports of call may have little or nothing to offer, so the ability to care for our own needs is essential. Leaning into Experience As we prepare El Encuentro for her life at sea, and she was designed for deep sea voyages, we enter a phase where we are leaning into experienced sailors who have travsersed the …

May 19, 2012

Amazon Team Report

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The first two pictures show what we do normally–travel in boat any teach adults and children about salvation. It’s the third one that has a story. Eliana, Mitch and one of our translators, Eline, were out inviting people to our evangelistic movie night in the community of Trambioca. They spotted a papaya tree with ripe papayas and went to ask the owner if they could pick it. The owner, Solangie, was very hesitant to open the door, and simply nodded in approval. While trying to …

Mar 20, 2012


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To those who are believing in, praying for, and giving to YWAM Ships- THANK YOU! Interested in knowing more? Contact us. We’d love to chat!

Nov 13, 2011

Call to Action

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I have a Vessel to Donate Canoes, jetskis to ships.  Call us we would love to hear from you! 1 808-858-9150 or email us at I would like to join Q. What is my first step?  A. Get trained.  Your first step could be this January 6th I am already a YWAMer and would like to join I would like to help others go Adopt a staff member who is already with us Scholarship a student into training Subsidize a student who wants to serve but …